WooCommerce – Simple, Virtual, or Downloadable Products

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Course Description

Through this video you will be taken through the process of adding a new product to WooCommerce.  Details about the difference between a Simple product, a virtual product and a downloadable product.  It will also show you how to add a downloadable product to WooCommerce, as well as adding a price, adding a sales price, adding a product image as well as several product gallery images.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Product Types (Simple, Virtual, Downloadable)
  • Short and Long descriptions
  • Product images and featured image
  • Adding downloadable assets
  • Adding sales pricing and schedule
  • Testing


What You’ll Learn


Product Types

What are the differences between Simple, Virtual and Downloadable product types.


Descriptions of Products

Where does the long and short descriptions get added.


Featured Product Image and Gallery

How to add your featured image for each product, recommended sizes, and gallery options.


Adding Downloadable Assets

Process of adding a downloadable assets for a downloadable product.


Pricing - Early Bird Pricing

Learn to add regular pricing as well as early bird or sales pricing and how you can automatically schedule the beginning and ending of the sales price.


Miscellanous Items

Importance of testing, coupon codes, etc.